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This Couple Got Married In A Chapel At The Hospital They Work At After Their Wedding Got Cancelled. How Romantic Is This?

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Weddings and the whole planning of it can be daunting but there is a fairytale-like charm to it. The day that you would want to look back upon fondly and remember it as the start to the rest of your life. When I think of mine, I think about being surrounded by friends and family, looking my finest, celebrating every little thing and having every moment captured to go back to later on. But that was before we were struck by a pandemic and now even weddings are being redefined.

One of the major realisations that has hit us in this Covid era, besides the fact that anything can happen, was that in actuality, very little is needed to survive and even be happy. Having lived a lifestyle where we took almost everything we had for granted, it took a pandemic for us to realise just how precious every moment is and just how lucky we are to have what we have. And so let’s not postpone happiness for another day. Take a cue from Jann Tipping, 34, and Annalan Navaratnam, 30, who recently tied the knot at n chapel at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital.

Doctor and Nurse by profession, Jann and Annalan who had an initial plan to get married in August, decided to cancel their wedding, assuming it wouldn’t be possible for their parents to travel from Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka to UK for the big with the coronavirus restrictions in place. However, not letting the present circumstances ruin their plans of getting married, the two decided to make the most of what they had.

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With friends and family tuned in virtually, the couple said their vows to each other in a rather beautiful ceremony, at the very chapel of the hospital the two have relentlessly been working at. Ms. Tipping said, “We wanted to have the ceremony while everyone was still healthy, even if it meant our loved ones having to watch us on a screen,” and we quite understand where she was coming from, considering nothing can be predicted in such troubled times.

She also shared, “We wanted to make sure we could celebrate while we were all still able to. The chaplaincy team worked hard to get permission for us to be married, which we appreciated greatly at a time when so much was going on.” The photos from the wedding were only recently shared on social media and have already garnered more than 20 thousand likes.

Who would’ve imagined that the destiny had a wedding as surreal as this planned for them? Certainly not Ms. Tipping as she shared, “It was a lovely wedding and the chapel is beautiful, although it did feel surreal getting married where we work, and in a hospital.” Her husband, Mr Navaratnam said, “Jann and I wanted to get married from the moment I proposed. We’re so happy that we have been able to commit ourselves to one another and that the hospital has been able to support us to do that.” Talk about making it memorable, guess they won’t be the only ones looking back to this day now!

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