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This Comedian Got Banned From Tinder Because He Photoshopped Baby Yoda Into His Picture. What Even?

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If you are a single woman in your 20s then you know what an utter nightmare online dating is. Whoever had the idea of dating apps was not a genius or wishing well for anyone. Yes, it’s an opening to meet new people and broaden your horizons and all that but it’s also an anxiety-filled experience. Okay, I have never been a fan of the concept but I have tried it, I won’t lie. Once I had high hopes too considering two of my closest friends met the love of their lives amongst the many, many matches. But, the problem is I don’t trust the guys on there to give them my phone number, let alone go meet them. 

Why is that, you ask? Well, I am terrified of getting catfished or being stuck in another sticky situation. Yes, I am a phattu and I have made my peace with it already. The thing is, I have heard catfishing stories and they aren’t the kind you can laugh at one day. I mean come on, no good walk-down-memory-lane story begins with, “Oh, that time I was catfished”. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself out there. You definitely should, but just be careful and on high alert. Great, now I make online dating sound like the Mumbai floods. 

Although, maybe not as careful as the girl we are going to talking about today. You see, the reason I am discussing catfishing right now is that this US comedian, who is very cute BTW, just got accused of catfishing. And before you start hating on him, just let me tell you this is a very rare case. How come? Well, because he is not the antagonist of this story.  

Okay, here’s what happened. 21-year-old Chicago comedian Carter Hambley was accused of catfishing on Tinder and then banned from the dating site because he had a photo that featured him sitting with a baby Yoda. Of course, the baby Yoda was photoshopped into the photo but still, he got banned from the site for this very picture. 

After he was banned, he took to Twitter to share the screenshots of the chat he had with the girl who reported him. It starts with her asking him where he got the Yoda doll from to which he replies that it was photoshopped. After he said that, I think the girl thought that his picture was photoshopped so she asked about the doll again and when Carter told her it’s not a doll she completely unleashed at him. After this conversation, presumably, she reported his account and Tinder banned him for catfishing. 

Now, here’s what I don’t understand. Catfishing is a serious problem, yes? So, did the girl think he did not look like baby Yoda in real life? Or did she confuse which element of the picture he had photoshopped? I mean, you can see the picture it’s not that tough to guess. Also, I have never had a catfishing experience, but I doubt the person trying to catfish would admit to a photo being photoshopped. Doesn’t that negate the whole point? 

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Anyway, my takeaway from this story is that when talking to someone you don’t know on a dating site, avoid the term ‘photoshop’ or anything to that effect. It’s a good life lesson. 

This whole incident was extremely fun for everyone who isn’t Carter or that girl. I never thought I would ever feel bad for someone who has been accused of being slimy. But, like I said, dating apps are a nightmare.

Having said that, and even though I found funny, I can still understand where the girl is coming from. Maybe she got scared because catfishing is a very common occurrence or maybe its happened to her before and she is being extremely cautious now. The bottom line is that, even though it was hilarious to watch her tear him a new one, we understand why she freaked out the way she did. 

Catfishing is no joke, agreed. But, whatever happened here really is.

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