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This Chinese Man Bought An Entire Island To Win His Ex-Girlfriend Back. It Didn’t End Well

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Let’s talk about relationships for a minute. What are the conditions under which you would go back to your ex? Personally, it’s a mistake I have made more than once and it’s never really worked out. But then again, my ex’s have never made any grand gestures to win me back. You know, until today I thought Ted Moseby, in How I Met Your Mother, stealing a blue french horn for Robin Scherbatsky and running to her house in the rain was true love. In fact, popular culture is full of instances where people are making romantic gestures to win over their love interest. But none of them even hold a candle to this man in China who bought and redecorated an entire deserted island in order to win back his ex-girlfriend. Dear future partner, please take notes.

Xu, a 30-year-old man from China, built an entire deserted island and gave it to his ex-girlfriend in hopes that it would win her over. He spent a staggering amount of money but unfortunately, his ex-girlfriend wasn’t impressed and refused to get back together with him. I wonder what he did though. But it’s a shame because, in my books, this is the most romantic, grandest thing someone can do.

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Xu and his ex-girlfriend called it quits in 2020. After which he moved to his hometown to be with his elderly parents. However, his heart wasn’t ready to give up on the relationship. That’s when he decided to buy a deserted island and give it a complete makeover. It was a massive undertaking that cost Xu nearly 1,00,000 yuan (Rs 11,24,105)!

According to reports, the island, located in Hetou village in Yengde city, covers only 20-30 square meters. It is adorned with beautiful colours, flowers, pink grass, cherry trees, peach trees, and other symbols of love. While the intended target, Xu’s girlfriend, was not moved by this grand gesture, this island has become a hot spot for couples from all over the country. Well, at least all of Xu’s efforts weren’t a complete waste.

I’ve heard of men giving their ex-girlfriends flowers and chocolates in a bid to get back with them. Hell, I’d be happy if someone bought me a cheesecake and a pizza. But an entire island? That’s just madness.

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