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This Canadian Woman Has A Collection Of 4,500 Toy Horses Worth Almost 60 Lakhs!

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When I was younger, my grandfather would sit me down and show me his coin collection. He had over 700 coins from every corner of the world. I was always so fascinated by his hobby. In fact, I remember trying to start my own coin collection but I quickly lost interest. It takes another level of determination and commitment. And let’s face it, that’s not my strong suit. Never was. I realise that after looking at this Candian woman’s massive collection of toy horses. Even though her entire collection is worth a lot, it’s extremely bizarre. Not to mention kind of creepy.

37-year-old Stephanie Nasello got her first My Little Pony’ toy, a toy horse, at the age of 3. It inspired a lifelong obsession and now her collection has over 4,500 toy horses and is worth an estimated 58 lakh. She has an entire room dedicated to her collection. She calls it her ‘Pony Room’ and all her toy horses rest in beautifully decorated and well-lit shelves that occupy 13 bookcases. Is this giving anyone else Night In The Musem vibes?

Stepanie collects these toy horses by scouring toy shops, second-hand shops, garage sales, and websites that sell toys. Incredibly, a lot of her finds are still in their original 1980s boxes. According to reports, Stephanie’s favourite toy horses are Diamond Dreams and Peppermint Crunch. Although her most valuable collectable is her Greek mint-on-card Pony, valued at around $450 (33,049). That is a lot of money to spend on a toy horse.

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Stephanie said, “It’s almost magical; you can’t walk in here and feel sad. Imagine finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but it’s all rainbows – that’s my room! When repairmen come over, if they have to do work on the Pony Room they’re like ‘are we in a store?’ They don’t know how to process it!” Further adding, “Growing up is hard and I really took on ponies as my identity when I was 16 because struggled so much with my identity.”

Now, Stephanie spends up to $100 on a single toy horse and $1000 on a collection. Her most valuable pieces are still in their original boxes. Even though her entire collection is worth Rs 58 lakh, Stephanie has no intention of selling anytime soon.

This is extremely bizarre. But hey, to each its own right?

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