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This Cancer Survivor’s Stunning Photoshoot In Indian Finery Is All The Inspiration We Needed Today!

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Every time we scroll down our Instagram feed, we see flawless pictures of all these gorgeous women. They have perfect skin, their  makeup is perfect and the body of a Greek goddess. We end up thinking we’re the only ones with blemishes or with an uneven winged eyeliner! Why do we have have arm fat when everyone around has no fat? Insecurity takes over and we end up feeling less beautiful than we should. How do you think every single person on Instagram looks so perfect? They are not flawless, they are filtered. You don’t even need to put makeup on, the beauty setting on the camera is enough to make you look like a diva. When someone as gorgeous as Mouni Roy can feel insecure and photoshop her body before uploading a picture on Instagram, where do we stand?

Guess what? We can all learn from this woman who survived cancer, and got married  and her confidence is something we can all learn from. She had lost her hair due to chemo, but that did not push her into a shell. Vashnavi Poovanedran did a conceptual bridal shoot, which can be inspirational to several cancer survivors.

She shared her pictures on Instagram, to inspire several women, fighting cancer. And not just that, it will also motivate those fighting low self-esteem, and trying to be more body-positive. Poovanedran captioned one of her pics: “Nothing can stop me….nope, NOTHING! Not even CANCER!” If she can fight cancer, and major hair loss, can’t we all just get over a little acne and flab?

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Cancer treatments has given us alot of limitations, has robbed us from beauty and taken away our confidence. As a little girl, we have always dreamt of what our big day will be like and how we would look as a bride. But having cancer has stripped some of us from fulfilling these dreams. Alot of cancer survivors has postponed or even cancelled their big day. For me, as a cancer survivor, I dreamt the day I marry the love of my life. Dreamt, what it is like to look like a bride, to feel like a bride. Having gone through cancer treatments (chemotherapy, etc.), losing my hair was by far the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I felt that I was not beautiful enough to be loved and was not beautiful enough to look or ever feel like a bride. Hair, it is our 'crowning glory' and having that taken away from you is devastating. But we choose to accept what we have, appreciate what we are and welcome what is coming. So here it is, *Bold Indian Bride* ****************************************************** Bangles & Bridal Anklet : Silk Saree & Bridal Veil : @pattushastra Photography: @celesgrd Assisted by: @shi.vaa90 Make-up & Styling : @blushbeautybeyond Assisted by : @emmanuel_ravi98 Henna: @bdazzled_beauty #kissedbycancer #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #youngadultcancer #letsfcancer ** A huge thank you to the team. You guys made my dream come true. Not only I looked like a bride, I felt like a bride and it was all thanks to the wonderful team for bringing it to life. I am so grateful to have met such wonderful people. I am extremely blessed for the amount of love and support I have received. Scrolling through the pictures, tears rolled down because I got to have my dream come true and it is because you guys made it happen for me. I am extremely grateful. Thank you all so much. Lots of love, Navi

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Vashnavi Poovanedran, explained how so many brides who had suffered from cancer, give up too easily. She revealed how it was a childhood dream for her to look pretty as a bride. She survived cancer twice. First, it was breast cancer, and then five years later, it spread to her liver and backbone. It took a lot of chemo, and even more courage to get through that. And amidst all this, she lost her hair, but not her confidence and dreams.

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She is a dancer and a motivational speaker. Poovanedran has been helping out several people being a bright star on otherwise dull days. And if this doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will. We understand, it’s easier said than done, to get rid of your insecurities, but we’d like to try.


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