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This Artist Makes Super Relatable Comics For Women And It’ll Have You LOLing Real Hard

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Unpopular Opinion: Girls are way funnier than boys! They tell dirtier jokes, have a potty mouth that will scandalize all desi moms and can make killer puns. From female stand-ups destroying patriarchy, one tweet at a time to our funny colleague, women have an unmatched strange sense of humour. A fact that is very evident in Instagram meme pages curated by funny girls…one of which we stumbled on today.

This cartoon artist by the name of Christine Mi, has been sneakily creating some super relatable and hilarious memes in her downtime. A particular comic strip about rompers by Christine has been doing the rounds of the internet today, courtesy of the popular meme sharing page 9gag.

The post managed to nail the struggle of rompers! Also answering the question boys had forever of “How do you pee in this thing?”, the comic strip answers the question while making men wonder why women wear such strange contraptions. Because it’s cute, okay?. Women do go through this conundrum whenever we are in a jumpsuit, or a romper, or even dungarees. And yes, peeing in them is a issue so we choose to stay dehydrated. Fashion requires some sacrifices. Not all women are equipped to strip down in the office loo, especially if it’s a cold office!

Apart from the viral comic above, we noticed the artist doing accurate renditions of what women go through on the daily.

Undertaking topics like fashion, beauty, health and relationships, her content is unapologetically funny. I mean, we have all had these thoughts at one point or the other, but have never said it out loud. For instance, the fact that new bath bomb gave us a ‘fire vagina’; with the glitter creeping into crevices and making the entire experience quite awkward.

The artist also has an interesting take handle on the inner workings of a woman’s mind. Some are insightful, speaking volumes in the form of dark humour. We are already LOLing hard with the artwork, hope she makes something about getting a hair makeover after a breakup. Because that is just the stupidest thing to do ladies, let’s all agree!

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