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This 98-Year-Old Woman From Kerala Wrote A Letter Thanking Youngsters For Self-Quarantining. It’s Sweet But She Doesn’t Have To Thank Us.

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Today, the entire world has come to a standstill thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19. We are abstaining from physical contact and self-quarantining ourselves. But it wasn’t this way until things got out of hand. In fact, I feel a major reason that coronavirus became a global outbreak is that people didn’t take it seriously. They considered it to be a ghost in someone else’s attic and one that would never attack them. So they travelled in flights, partied in a crowd and people even played Holi.

Italy is in a mess right now and they have been urging all the other countries to not make the mistakes they made. Coronavirus reached India and it’s only then that people began to consider it as a threat. But now that it’s reached so many people and taken lives, people are practising self-quarantine. It can be contained soon, only if all of us decide to stay home.

While reports suggest that it’s the elderly who are more vulnerable to the virus, it’s not like others are immune to it. However, it’s great to see that people are staying home, even if some of them falsely feel invincible. People are staying home to contain the virus, so it doesn’t spread and infect others. Coronavirus is uniting people and Kerala’s 96-year-old Karthyayini Amma penned down a letter to thank the youngsters for self-quarantining themselves. She doesn’t have to but it’s sweet nevertheless!

In her letter she wrote: “Dear children, you have come from far off countries for different purposes. Now you are sitting inside a room for days without interacting with a soul, just to protect people like me and my children. Your love makes me tear up We will all face this coronavirus together. Thank you once again, my children.”

She further gave some precautionary tips, “Whenever you return home, make sure you properly wash your hands. You must clean your hands before playing with kids. Do not touch your face, eyes or ears. People coming from outside should be allowed inside only after properly washing their hands and feet.”

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She is fondly called ‘Literacy Amma’ as in November 2018 she became the oldest person to clear the state literacy exams in Kerala by scoring 98 out of 100.

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