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This 90 Year Old Japanese Grandmother Holds A World Record For Being The Oldest Gamer In The World. We Love Her Spirit

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I didn’t understand the lure of video games when I was younger. Spending hours in front of the TV when you could be frolicking around with the sun in your face, it didn’t do it for me.  Yes, there were times when I would occasionally indulge in a few games of GTA or Mortal Kombat with my elder brother, but even then I never saw the hype of playing multiplayer games on the screen when you could go out and play in real life. That was up until I didn’t have a boyfriend who was obsessed with gaming and soon had me playing FIFA with him on all our dates. A few games into it, all of which I lost miserably, I picked up my pace and now with the kind of adrenaline rush I get during every game, I kind of understand why he’d be so hooked on to it. But what I know now is that a 90-year-old grandma is also addicted to it.

Hamako Mori, a 90-year-old Japanese woman is the world’s oldest gamer right now, who even at this age continues to play a game or two everyday, for that’s what her passion has always been. She goes by the name of ‘Gamer Grandma’, and is one of the most active players on the YouTube gaming scene, with an average of 2 to 3 hours of gaming time daily.

Battling monsters, going on secret missions and being involved in action-packed games, Hamako even has a popular YouTube channel for her fans, that she started back in 2014. Talk about being motivated, it has been 39 years since she started playing and it doesn’t look like she is in any mood to stop now!

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Moreover, she has been certified by the Guinness world record as the oldest gamer in the world, and her grandchild is pretty amused. He says, “I think she is slightly different. Ordinary old people are not so enthusiastic about video games as she is.” And to that we agree, she is far from ordinary, the woman is such an inspiration at 90 when I am probably going to be going around asking people where my spectacles are when they are on my head.

She shared how it was back in 1981 when she bought her first gaming console – a cassette version, after being introduced to it by her own children’s obsession for it. She said, “I discovered that there was this fascinating thing that existed in the world.”

Her favourite games are Grand Theft Auto and popular fantasy role-playing game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and she calls these the ‘motivation in life’, for it is in these games as she says, that she can really do anything she wants and enjoy it to the fullest! If only we age as well as she did and be just as motivated to keep pursuing our passions in our 90s!

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