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This 9-Year-Old In Malaysia Sews PPE For Healthcare Workers In Between Playtime And Studies. This Is Amazing

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The entire situation of the Coronavirus outbreak that shunted us into an alternate reality, and for me, it sunk in, in two phases. The first, came as quite a shock, what with how quickly the virus spread around the world and in no time had us locked inside our homes, and the second phase, has me just playing along, albeit surprised.  I say surprise here because honestly, the way that people have been taking initiatives in doing their bit against this fight against Covid-19, has left me astounded and short of words. Something that I recently felt again, after I heard about a girl from Malaysia sewing free PPE for health workers.

Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri, is a 9-year-old Malaysian girl who may not know about a lot of things in life at such a tender age, but what she knows is that Corona must be fought, and for that, she was ready to contribute in the ways she knew how. After hearing about a hospital requiring volunteers to help make the PPE for the doctors and health workers, she immediately decided to take part and offer support.

When asked about it, she said with great innocence and concern, “I felt bad, so I told my mom I wanted to help.” Having learnt the art to sew at the young age of 5, as of today Nur can sew four full personal protective equipment (PPE) gowns a day. And this coming from a little girl, doesn’t just leave us speechless but also inspired to do our bit.

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Sharing how she makes time for helping out with the sewing in between playtime and attending online classes, for the schools are all closed, Nur has definitely won our hearts with her kind and caring gesture. Been at it since the end of March, till now the little girl has completed making over 130 gowns for health workers. Even at present, as her family observes the Ramada fasting month, even the fast is not slowing her down.

Taking after her mother Hasnah Hud, who is also a tailor, Nur showed more and more interest in the craft, especially at a time like this. Her mother shared how, “She said ‘Mom, I think I have no school work so I want to sew more’,” and that right there, is the kind of willingness and compassion that we all need to show, to be able to come out of this pandemic.

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