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This 27-Year-Old Woman From Manipur Has Started A Business Of Spinning Yarn From A Lotus Stalk. It’s Such An Innovative Idea

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One of the major things that have gotten me through this difficult phase of life is my job. It gave me a sense of purpose. A reason to get out of bed and change out of my PJs. Which is why, when I think about all those thousands of people who have lost their jobs in these last few months, I feel extremely disheartened. Our unemployment rate at the moment is off the charts and it isn’t going to get better at least until the pandemic looks like it is slowing down. Right now, the situation is bleak. With so many people out of a job and companies slashing their employee’s salaries, everyone is in a financial crunch. But hey, nothing lasts forever, right? Yes, I know the quote is too Tumblr-ish but it’s apt right now.  

Forgive my optimistic side but, all these layoffs actually have a silver lining. It’s given a boost to everybody’s entrepreneurial spirit. People are starting their own businesses and coming up with some amazingly creative ideas. 

One such person who caught our eye is a 27-year-old Bijayashanti Tongbram from Manipur who has started a unique venture of spinning yarn from the stalks of lotus. This new project of hers is not only interesting and creative but it also creates a whole lot of employment opportunities. 

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While speaking to ANI, she said, “I got the idea from an elder, did research on my own, and was able to produce yarn out of lotus stalks. Before this, I tried making lotus tea. To successfully make the lotus tea, I have placed an order for some equipment from Kolkata. But, due to the COVID lockdown, the delivery has been delayed.” 

She has involved the women from her village in the Bishnupur district of Manipur to help her with this venture. This will help them generate some income as well. 

The 27-year-old has requested the government to sanction funds under Manipur Start-up-Idea Stage. These funds will be used to maintain her lotus farms and run her business hassle-free. She said, “I have already started preparing nurseries for the farm and I am waiting for the funds to be sanctioned under Manipur Start-up-Idea Stage.” 

Bijayashanti has taken a massive interest in agro-tourism and the clothes that she will make out of the lotus stalk have medicinal value. They are in high demand in other countries. 

Her story is so inspiring and it makes you stop and admire all the innovative things that people come up with. 

More power to Bijayashanti!

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