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This 19-Year-Old Boy Raped A Girl In The Toilet Of The Gorakhpur Express Train. This Is Sickening.

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Every time I am travelling anywhere with my friends, my parents are always more at ease if there are boys with us. As much as I try, I can’t seem to wrap my head around this concept. Think about it. So much could go wrong even then. The boys could fail to fight off the assailants, they themselves could misbehave with the girls around them etc etc. Until all boys and girls are taught values of equality, nothing is certain. Especially the safety of women. Take this 19-year-old boy for instance. He raped a  girl aboard an outstation train, while they were travelling together. So, you see, when it comes to the safety of girls and women, you can’t be sure of anything.

This horrifying incident took place at around 7 am on Wednesday morning aboard the Gorakpur Express, a train that shuttles between Mumbai and Gorakpur. According to reports, the 19-year-old boy allegedly took the girl he was travelling with to the train’s toilet and raped her there.

As the number of crimes against go up, it seems like literally every space is becoming unsafe. There’s little information about the case available but knowing how small railway toilets are and how public, this crime seems particularly heinous.

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Though the investigation is still underway and the police have made no arrests yet, the boy has been booked for this brutal crime. A Thane railway police official told PTI, “The girl and boy were travelling together. He took her to the toilet and raped her. Kurar police in Mumbai registered a case on the basis of the victim’s complaint and it was then transferred to us.”

While further details are awaited, what we know for sure is that the accused and the victim were travelling together. Hopefully, he will be arrested and held accountable for his gruesome actions. This incident got me thinking though. Women can’t trust anyone blindly. Anywhere we go, we are perpetually wracked with anxiety. If we do let our guard down, there is always someone, like this 19-year-old accused, who will want to take advantage.

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