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This 12-Year-Old Girl Cracked The Parental Code For Netflix Using Sherlock-Level Skills. Others Parents Shared What Their Kids Can Do

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Raising kids of the 21st century is no joke. They have literally grown up in a digital world where everything is controlled with a touch or push of a button. I have seen kids who can’t hold a spoon and feed themselves but can fix a tech problem on your phone that you had been struggling with for weeks. Obviously then, most of the modern parenting is about keeping your kids away from screens and keeping every gadget password-protected so your kid doesn’t have access to unlimited internet and technology. But wait, they can crack the password like it’s child’s play. At least, this little girl did and left her parents (and netizens) stunned.

A Dublin-based journalist and dad, Ed O’Loughlin recently took to Twitter to share how his youngest daughter of 12 years of age outsmarted him and hacked the parental code of Netflix. He wrote, “My youngest hacked our Netflix parental code. She put light grease on the remote and got me to input the code when she wasn’t looking. Then she noted the numbers I’d pressed and went through the combinations later. I’m both frightened and impressed.”

That’s some serious Sherlock Holmes-like skills she used to get the passcode. “She wrote notes of the combinations in a copy book. It took her a few days,” he wrote. The Netflix show she wanted to watch so bad was Umbrella Academy for which she made a fool-proof plan to hack the password with such unwavering determination.

Twitter was as amazed as the dad and impressed with the girl’s ploy. A user wrote, “Kids are terrifying and impressive at the same time, we should all be aware of this lmao” Netizens argued if she would use her brains for the good or the evil when she grows up with one user writing, “A criminal mastermind is born,” and other replying to it, “Or someone who cures cancer.” There were parents of other tech-savvy kids who have dazed them with their skills who resonated with the incident and said “same!”

A twitter user shared, “My 2 year old can pick simple locks with her cute hair clips. So I’d like to know how old your youngest is, so I know how long I might be able to maintain an illusion of control in my household.” Another user wrote, “My son got into my phone and added his fingerprint to the touch settings so he would download apps to his iPad when I was sleeping and be able to approve them from my phone. Had same mixed reaction, pissed but proud.”

A user wrote, “My 6 year old grandson cracked his Mom’s phone by watching her enter the code in the reflection on her glasses. Then linked it to another device and read her text messages for weeks. He is 8 now. They change passwords weekly.” To this, someone replied saying she didn’t know texts could be linked until now, and I had the same sentiments. Who TF is teaching these kids all these hacks and features? Aren’t we the generation who invented this? And, still we are the ones who aren’t aware of half of the things while these little masterminds have a good hold on technology.

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All said and done, to think of these little kids hacking and sneaking in to unlock passwords is scary and impressive at the same time. I mean, I couldn’t have come up with such genius plan of greasing the remote and working on password combinations in a million years when I was a kid. When someone suggested O’Loughlin to keep a stronger password next time, he said he wouldn’t change it because she had “earned it.” This sneaky little hacker really could be working for the FBI in the future.

Although her cover was blown before she could watch the show, she did pull off the perfect crime and managed to get the password on her own. This mastermind could even give a seasoned criminal a run for his money. Her parents should be proud yes, but sleep with one eye open (and so should the parents of other tech-smart kids), just saying!

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