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This 103-Year-Old Grandmother Recovered From COVID-19 And Celebrated By Taking A Sip Of Chilled Beer. We Love Her Spirit

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When Jennie Stejna, a 103-year-old great great grandmother tested positive for COVID-19, her family had prepared for the worse. Considering how the recovery rate of senior citizens has been rather low, Stejna herself didn’t have high hopes, as sad as it sounds. However, Jennie was always strong and had a “feisty fighting spirit” as her granddaughter Shelley Gunn told Wicked Local. She fought her way out of sickness and into health and never gave up!

Stejna struggled with COVID-19 for 20 days. After testing positive, her health had quickly worsened. But almost three weeks later, she has completely recovered! What’s more, to celebrate this landmark moment, she did what she had been missing for a long time. Stejna opened a bottle of beer and took a swig.

After having that soul-refreshing first sip of beer, she appreciated how chilled it was. “She put it to her lips and said, ‘Ooh, that’s cold. It’s good when it’s cold’,” her grandson David Stejna told the New York Post.

In fact, the cool granny has always enjoyed having beer on a hot summer day. “She would say, ‘You gotta have a cold beer when it’s hot out during the summertime’,” David revealed. He further added, “Later in the day she would say, ‘I think I’m gonna split a beer.’ She would never say, ‘I am going to have one.’ She’d sip about two and would do it sort of on the down-low.” Wow, what? This is how I am going to be when I am old. She must be such a hell of a woman to chill with, making all the family get togethers a little more fun. I am sure she was a hoot and a half she was young.

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Con una cerveza fría, anciana de 103 años celebra que superó el coronavirus. Jennie Stejna, una mujer de Massachusetts (EEUU), ha sobrevivido al coronavirus y una de las primeras cosas que ha hecho es celebrarlo con una cerveza, según informa USA Today. Esta mujer de origen polaco fue la primera persona en dar positivo por Covid-19 en su residencia de ancianos hace tres semanas. Aunque no tenía mucha fiebre, fue trasladada a una sala separada donde siempre había un miembro del personal de la residencia. Su nieta, Shelley Gunn, explica USA Today que Jennie tiene una gran espíritu luchador y, aunque no entendía exactamente qué era la Covid-19, sabía que se encontraba muy enferma. En un momento dado la salud de Jennie empeoró hasta tal punto que Shelley fue a despedirse de su abuela para agradecerle todo lo que había hecho por ella. El marido de Shelley, Adam, preguntó a Jennie si estaba preparada para ir al cielo, a lo que contestó: "Demonios, sí". Sin embargo, el 13 de mayo Shelley recibió buenas noticias, su abuela se había recuperado. Adam Gunn declaró que "esta abuela polaca luchadora ha vencido oficialmente al coronavirus". Para celebrarlo, el personal entregó a Jennie una cerveza helada Bud Light como a ella le gusta. Esta anciana es la primera que consigue superar el coronavirus en una residencia donde todavía hay 33 casos de coronavirus. #adioscoronavirus #massachusetts #jenniestejna #cerveza #budlight #coronavirus #pandemia #pandemia2020 #aquíentrenos #28may

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Jennie has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren – and all of them are rather excited to make more memories with her, now that she has survived the deadly disease. “Not to get all existential, but I would tell her that ‘God has a purpose for you and he’s not done with you yet’,” David expresses. He further added, “As she pulled through this, I think we might have found her purpose,” he continued. “And that is to give people a glimmer of hope. There’s a perception that this disease is a scarlet mark, and if you get it, it’s over.”

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Well, it is indeed such a positive story of hope and happy spirit. In fact, we can learn so much from her as she inspires us to chill out instead of getting stressed. She gives us hope that the world will recover soon and until then, we gotta keep our spirits up! Also, it’s beer over fear!

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