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10 GIFs That Sum Up What Life Is Like After College… And Before Your First Job!

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The sense of relief that washes over your body once the very last exam of college life is done…it’s a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. You are pumped about entering the adult world, and dying to take on new experiences head on.

But this revelation doesn’t come immediately for a lot of us. You are probably going to go through a long, dormant period of nothingness when your imagination reaches peak creativity. You start doubting your existence and re-evaluate your decisions at every step.

That phase — those few weeks/months after college is over and you have nothing to do — can either be very fulfilling or extremely difficult. Either you are extremely happy or extremely sad.

Whether you have just graduated or are sitting at your desk in your very first job, you will definitely relate to these GIFs.

Come on, tell us about your personal experiences in the comments below!


1. Netflix becomes bae, and all you do the entire day is pull those curtains in and lose yourself in a new TV series or the latest mystery movie.


2. Of course, you gain more than a little weight by eating all the junk food there is in the world.


3. You think about enrolling in a hobby class or doing an online course, but never really get around to it. Starting a blog is always on your mind, but one post down and you’re donzo.


4. You keep refreshing your mail to see if your job application has been accepted. All you get is Uber receipts.


5. It gets difficult telling all the “aunties” in the building what you are currently doing with your life. Family functions now scare you.


6. Your family is tired of you vegetating in the house. All day, erryday.


7. Studying further or getting a job? The struggle is real.


8. You contemplate deleting your social media accounts, since you’re tired of crying looking at others getting great jobs, or vacationing in Italy.


9. Interviews, interviews, and some more interviews.


10. You have absolutely no idea about what you’re doing. Adulting is not your thing!


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