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10 Priceless Lessons I Learnt At My First Job

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A year ago, fresh out of college, I was eager to enter the working world and finally start adulting. Of course, the latter didn’t happen. After constant fights with my folks over whether I should study further or get a job, I won. Job it was.

When Hauterfly’s resident social media maven Farozan messaged me last year saying there was an opening for a lifestyle writer, I tried my luck. Here I am a year later, writing this article. I guess things went well.

I found myself on a rollercoaster ride that was horrifying at first, but made me fall in love with the adrenaline rush eventually. This is my first job and I wouldn’t exchange the experience I’ve had here for anything else.

Though I could write a thesis on all the things I’ve learnt here, for that you’ll have to wait a few years more.

For now, here are 10 things that will always stay with me. And if you have just graduated, all set to start working, do give it a read. If not now, a year down the line you will definitely understand what I mean.


1. Mentors, Not Bosses

I have 101 doubts everyday and not once have my seniors refused to clear them. Yes, they are fed up, but still teach me everything I want to know. Whether it’s Zahra, who, inspite of being super busy, solves the tiniest of my problems, or Baishali, who doubles up as my counsellor almost every day, or Aindrila, who inspires me to work like no one else.

If you have great leaders, nothing can stop you from being successful. They will make you feel proud of your work, and that is a feeling everyone needs to experience.

2. It’s Okay To Make Mistakes

If I was given a rupee for every time I goofed up, I wouldn’t need to work anymore. I would be *that* rich. That’s the best thing about Hauterfly — making mistakes here is considered a stepping stone to achieving greater things.

If you own up to your mistakes, are honest, and actually want to improve, this is the place to be, and no, I wasn’t given a bonus to say this.


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Japleen Kaur 发布于 2016年9月27日


3. It Takes Time To Mould

My first 3 months here were difficult. So much so that I wanted to resign. And it took time to get out of that head space. But I’m glad I did. Because you know what? Your first job can be exhausting. You are in a brand new world, on your own, trying to find your place, but if you are patient, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon, small, petty stuff will seem exactly that — small and petty.

4. Events Never Start On Time

My job may look glamorous (okay, it is), but after attending a couple of events, you get legit bored of them. They never start on time, and eventually they become tedious. Some are great, while others are plain irritating.

I once travelled 2 hours, one way, to taste candy for 5 minutes, and it wasn’t even tasty. But, I also attended a Justin Bieber concert, which only validates that I now have memories that will last a lifetime.


5. Your Team Is Your Family

This one’s by default, and just like you have no choice in choosing your family, you have little choice in the people you work with too. Toxic colleagues can make you hate your job, while positive ones can make Mondays feel like weekends.

I am lucky to have experienced the company of both in this last year, and I’m thankful to all of them for having taught me so much. Each person in my team has a different personality, yet somehow they all bind Hauterfly together so beautifully. When you learn to take up for each other, the true sense of teamwork hits you smack dab in the face.

I have made the best of friends here, and even if they want to they cannot get rid of me now!

6. Coffee Is A NEED

Trust me. When we shifted offices recently, we didn’t have a coffee machine for a whole month and all of us looked like zombies.

7. Be As Passionate As You Can

Treat every project you undertake as your baby, and you will end up working twice as hard. If you love what you do and are deeply passionate about every tiny detail, you will only come up aces.

And that’s the only way you will keep learning. So even if it means writing an article on a Sunday, on a bus from Alibaug, you won’t have a problem doing it. Because there are other forces motivating you other than a salary. And frankly, I work in a startup…how much could I possibly be earning!

8. Put Everything On Mail

Yup, I learnt it the hard way.


#HauteSquad love💜

Japleen Kaur 发布于 2016年10月28日

9. Breathe, And Then Some More

I work with a team of 10 odd women, and every day, someone or the other is PMSing or battling savage mood swings. All you gotta do is breathe and let it go, especially if it’s not that important. You get used to the tantrums, random outbursts, and the sorry notes later.

10. There’s Nothing Good Food Cannot Cure

Chicken lollipop parties are a thing here, and all egos are kept aside to devour them. Food is bae!


It has been one hell of a year here, and I hope you get to experience an office life like mine, where watching cat videos, talking about boys, and deciding what dessert to eat is as important as meeting deadlines.

To my #HauteSquad, I love you!


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