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8 Hilarious Things That Happen In January, Every Year

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Every month has its own character, but January is the oddest and the most curious of them all! It is the beginning of the new year, but in so many way, a lingering end, too. January signifies a kind of a neither-here-nor-there state of mind. You’re in the new year, but it hasn’t quite sunken in yet. It’s because of this that these 10 things happen, almost every January!

1. We write the wrong date

201…8? 19? 17? What year is it? I don’t know anything any more.



2. We make new year resolutions that we are super excited about!

We are certain that THIS year will be different. That this is ‘the’ year you will make things happen.

3. We break our new year resolutions! But we were so certain we’d keep them

And then we shrug our shoulders and get back to our unhealthy habits, because who even ever sticks to their new year resolutions? They are a sham!


4. We drink beer

Because we can’t afford expensive liquor because we spent all our money on NYE. And now, all drinking must happen on a budget.

5. We complain about how overrated NYE is!

Even though we went all out celebrating another 31st of December, passed out on someone’s couch or paid through our nose for the party. In retrospect, it all seems too much. But that won’t stop us when the next new year rolls around. You know that!

6. We don’t get any party invitations

Because nobody has any energy left to throw any more parties

7. We turn down the rare party invitations we do get

Because we don’t have the energy to attend any more parties. We are “partied out”.

8. We barely work the first week of January

And work begrudgingly the rest of the month, because who wants to start the new year slogging it out?


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