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Dear Bra, You Better Listen To These Things I Want To Tell You!

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If there is one person that sticks with us whether we like it or not, it’s our bra! You know the love-hate relationship we all share with her.

Good quality bras are sh*t expensive, like you literally have to save up for a couple of months to purchase one. And to think they aren’t super comfortable either! Whether they’re padded or not, all bras are equally annoying.

No matter what your preference is… strapless, wired, sports or otherwise, they mostly exist to torture our boobs. Okay, they are our support system, and without them, we won’t be able to run like those girls on Baywatch. But hey, World’s Best Feeling? Removing your bra after a long, long day!

So my colleagues got together, and made this video as a PSA for every type of bra out there. Please get a grip! Or not.


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