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These Three Women From Tamil Nadu Removed Their Sarees To Help Rescue Drowning Youngsters From The Waters Of The Kottarai Dam. Such A Heroic Save!

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Call it a clever parenting tip or just some good life advice, but growing up I have often been told about how god has a special place saved in heaven for those who are kind to others in moments of need. A saying that has managed to stay in my head all these years later, also because the rest of it emphasized on how he also has a special place saved in hell for those who aren’t. An come to think of it, hell or heaven, I’d rather spend the time I have on earth helping those in need, for compassion is what I’ve come to believe the only thing that’ll save the world. And if you’re lucky, a few human lives too.

As we came to witness recently when a bunch of women removed their own sarees to try and save a few kids from drowning in the unrelenting waters of Kottarai dam. In a sudden and unexpected turn of events on August 6th, a group of 12 kids from Siruvachchur village after having gone to the Kottarai village for a friendly cricket match, decided to go bathe in the waters of the Kottarai dam, when things went south for them.

Not being able to anticipate just how deep and harsh the flow of the water was, which was about 15 to 20 feet deep due to the heavy rains that had come in the previous weeks, 4 of the 12 youngsters not adhering to the caution raised by three women, slipped and fell into the water.

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These women were washing clothes on the banks of the water and soon as they saw the kids fall, they were quick to jump to their rescue. One of them shared, “We warned them that the water would be deep. But four of the youngsters somehow slipped and fell in. We removed our sarees without thinking of anything and threw them into the water. We managed to save two boys but the other two drowned while we were trying to save them. We were inside the waters but still couldn’t reach them. ”

The two boys Karthick and Senthilvelan survived the fall with the help of these vigilant women, however the other two identified as Pavithran (17) and Ranjith (25) passed away in the accident, despite great efforts of these women. The incident that soon caught wind on social media, earned the three ladies, named Senthamizh Selvi (38), Muthamaal (34) and Ananthavalli (34) a lot of appreciation and rightly so.

It is their quick thinking, bravery and alertness that ended up saving at least two of the lives of the  boys, especially at a time when anyone could’ve given up on the situation, considering how dangerous it was to rescue anyone from the waters running with such a force. We laud these women for holding an example to others, of just how crucial it can be sometimes to be kind, caring and helpful to people in need. You never know, whose life you end up saving!

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