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These Parents Found Out Their Son Had Raped A Woman, So They Got Him Arrested. That’s Good Parenting

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I often think about the countless instances I have seen where people who claim to be against sexual abuse or physical violence find ways to blame the victim and defend the perpetrator. Rape culture is not only limited to committing the crime. Things that we say, do, and condone can consciously or unconsciously have a massive impact on how sexual abuse is viewed. Every single time a survivor comes out with their story, people seem to be scrambling to defend the accused. Then comes the victim blaming, bullying, and questioning of character. Not only has this culture created a toxic and suffocating environment where survivors find it extremely hard to tell their story, but it has also given perpetrators a get out of jail free card on multiple occasions.

This couple from South Wales have shut down every excuse you might come up with to defend rapists by holding their own son accountable for his actions. When Jonathan Evans and his wife found out that their son Jack Evans had raped a female student, they made sure justice was served. According to The Sun, they became aware of what had transpired when they read an apology text their son had sent to the victim two months later. She had not filed a complaint. The Evans themselves took Jack to the police and made him confess his crime.

“I wanted him to tell the truth, he had to do the right thing and admit his guilt. It’s been difficult for all of us and it’s caused quite a few arguments. I’ve said to him that the best thing for him is to show everyone that you’re doing your best to rectify what has happened. It has been a shock to the system for him – I’m hoping being in prison will give him time to reflect,” Mail Online quoted the father saying.

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Following Jack Evans’ confession, the victim’s statement was taken and he was sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

Raising a child is tricky. Most parents spend their entire lives trying to figure out the right way to do it, and there isn’t just one. We often talk about going easy on kids and letting them make mistakes, but that does not mean protecting your child even when they are in the wrong. The conversation around accountability should never stop. To hold a loved one responsible for their actions is incredibly difficult, but it is necessary, and Jonathan Evans and his wife knew that. They did the right thing, and we can only hope that Jack introspects on his crime in prison.

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