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The Venezuelan President Asked Women To Have Six Children For ‘The Good Of The Country.’ Sure! We Are Baby Vending Machines.

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All around the world women are seen as a lot of things but not entirely seen. She is seen like a doll who must always dress in pretty pastels. A lady who must cross her legs. A wife who must serve her husband and give him unlimited sexy time. However, the single most important life purpose of a woman, in the eyes of the world, is to make babies. It’s bad in general but it is beyond imagination when the president of a country that’s facing economic meltdown suggests women make more babies. Does he even qualify to be the president? I wouldn’t even make him the admin of our WhatsApp group.

So here’s what is getting all of us riled up. Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is advising women that they have six children for “the good of the country.” He made an appearance promoting a women’s healthcare plan and thought it was acceptable to propagate over-populating the country that’s already facing an economic crisis. “May God bless you for having given life to six little girls and boys,” Maduro told a woman at the event. He further added, “Every woman should have six children for the good of the country.”

Does he not understand that after giving birth one has to feed and raise the child too and all of that comes with a cost? Venezuela is facing a huge crisis and one in three Venezuelans is struggling to even be fed daily, according to a study by the UN World Food Programme.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó criticised him openly on twitter and wrote: “Hospitals are not functioning, vaccines are scarce, women cannot breastfeed because they are malnourished or buy baby formula because it is unaffordable, and the country faces forced migration due to the humanitarian emergency.”

Women are forced to give up their babies and children for adoption because they are not able to feed them. Families are breaking apart because of quarrels over food and this country’s president wants women to make more children.

Who is going to take care of the women and give them the maternity benefits they need? Women are struggling there, working hard to be able to afford one meal for their families. If they get pregnant, is the President going to work on her behalf? Does he expect a woman to work through her pregnancy and post-pregnancy and then continue working her ass off raising the children because of desperation? As if things aren’t already hard for them…

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Unless the government is going to sponsor the healthcare and childcare, maybe the President can take the advice and put it in a trash can.

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