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The Trailer Of Section 375 Is Out. It Might Show Us The Side Of Sexual Crime We Don’t Want To See

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Films are means to connect with the audience by telling stories, They play a huge part in shaping one’s opinions and educating the audience. When Article 15 came out, a lot of us who watched it understood the implications of something like it. And now another movie is coming out that promises to be both informational and interesting. The movie is called Section 375 and is about, well, Section 375. What were you expecting?  The film is based on the Section 375  Indian Penal Code, law of India. In the film we see Richa Chadda and Akshaye Khanna playing advocates to the survivor and miscreant respectively. Akshaye Khanna is seen as a best-in-the-business-defense-lawyer, who is defending the accused in the film. While Richa Chadda is playing a tough public prosecutor, who is trying to seek for justice for the survivor, played by Meera Chopra. Section 375 is helmed by Ajay Bahl and is slated to release on September 13, 2019.

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The courtroom-drama film is inspired by real life incident and actress Meera Chopra will be stepping into the shoes of the fictional character of Anjali Vasudev Dangle. Meera is portrayed as a victim, she’s a junior costume assistant in the film industry. In the two-and-a-half minute trailer we see a beginning shot with Meera Chopra recollecting all the details on her sexual assault to a cop, where she has accused a film director Rohan Ravi Khurana of rape, played by Rahul Bhat. Whereas the actress who plays the victim is thrown at some harsh questions about the incident by the same cop.

Check out the trailer!

In the second part of the trailer we see Richa Chadda and Akshaye Khanna representing the case. The dialogues of the film are really catchy, mainly the one where Akshaye Khanna says, “This case is a classic example of a woman, using as a weapon, the very law that was made to protect her.” The entire trailer will keep you at the edge of your seat and brings out the other side to sexual crime, one that we might be unwilling to see.

“I want to stay in the zone of my character. We did a massive portion of courtroom sequences which needed me to stay focused, as it needed for me to be in the element and be in the character which was high on emotions. Shooting for courtroom scenes needs a lot of channelling of emotions and thus, my life was all about going to the sets and back home (sic),’ said Richa Chadda on her preparation for the film.

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