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The Trailer Of Malang Dedicates More Time To Aditya Roy’s Abs Than Disha Patani’s Role. What Even?

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If there is anything that I can attest to without a shred of a doubt, it is the fact that Indians love their mirch masala maar dhaad movies. We all do dig a good action movie where the hero is kicking the villain’s butt. But since a few years, the action genre in our industry has taken a major hit. No seriously, I have no idea why the action in our movies recently has been so bad, they don’t even look plausible. So, when the Malang trailer dropped today, I was really excited to watch it. I thought it looked promising, don’t judge me. Also, Aditya Roy Kapoor. Okay, you can because after watching whatever that was, I am kind of judging myself.

The two-and-half minute trailer was a lot to process at once. And under no circumstances do I mean that in a good way. I am really sorry but what the hell was going on there? It starts off with Aditya Roy Kapoor looking like a character from Money Heist and smashing people’s heads. Then, suddenly we shift to Disha Patni walking out of an ocean in a bikini and then both of them doing a bunch of adventure sports, raving and making out. I get that it is a Dexter kind of movie, where four protagonists are addicted to murdering people. But damn this trailer is weird. Whatever Mohit Suri was smoking, we want it. It’s good stuff.

Also, can we please talk about what exactly Disha Patani is doing in that trailer? I’ll tell you what she is doing, nothing of value. I mean we see all three men- Aditya Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Kunal Khemmu doing some really bad action sequences. And as expected, Disha isn’t part of any of that action. She is only clad in bikinis and short dresses, raving and doing adventure sports. And then she can’t be seen in the whole trailer until the end twist, where she is shown as a killer too. (spoiler alert!)

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Even though she has also been shown as someone who is addicted to murder, she hasn’t even been allotted 0.01% of the action. Honestly, Aditya Roy Kapoor’s armpit hair gets more footage in the trailer than Disha’s entire character did. The most action-y thing we see her doing is riding a motorcycle wearing a sports bra. The characters of the three men have been written around them being killers and whatnot but it feels like her character has only been written to be hot. I am sure if we got our hands on that script, that is exactly what it would say “Just wear minimum clothing and look sexy”.

I don’t understand why women, in all action movies just look like really sexy furniture? For how long are we going stick to these stereotypical gender roles? If you actually manage to watch the entire trailer, you will understand what I am trying to say. Everything else in it has been given more bhao than Disha and it is really sad.

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Can we please begin allocating some real action to the women? This gender stereotype BS is getting really old.

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