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The Story Of A Long-Distance Marriage Is The Read That Left Us Teary-Eyed!

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I know summer has arrived when all I want to do on weekends is stay at home, and chill. Literally, do nothing else but binge-watch shows, or sit in a cozy corner with a good book. With just that thought, I picked up a light read that would keep me company on a summer weekend.

The Story Of A Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar is about exactly what the title says. And I totally judged the book by its cover, and took it off the shelf just ’cause the bright, yellow colour called out to me. Also, I was twinning with the novel in my floral dress that day, so it was meant to be.

The story is simple — A guy (Rohan), and his wife (Ira) stay in Delhi and live a very, very middle class life. Ira decides to go to the Big Apple to study, and that’s how they end up deciding to be in a long distance marriage. The plot then revolves around their problems, friends, colleagues and more. The narration is from Rohan’s POV telling us only one side of the story, for most parts.


Long Distance Marriage_Hauterfly

The Story Of A Long Distance Marriage 


It all seems basic till the real reason why Ira left is revealed. The story takes a turn, and from a cute love story it directs towards becoming — how they maintain their relationship.

What made me want to keep reading this 192-page book, was the easy, beautiful and clear style of writing. Lines like — That’s when I realised how a man’s living reality is different from a woman’s. Or the way the character fell in love with the mountains and describes it as his first love. The descriptions of Delhi, the culture, vacation in Gangtok, the car rides, cheap hotels… all in all, it was a relatable narrative.

Whether or not they get divorced is something you need to find out for yourself! Till then, I’m waiting to know more about Ira’s life in the States, and her POV of the story. Actually, this novel has every potential to turn into a Bollywood movie. What would be great about that is if they narrate the story from Momo’s (their pet dog) POV. Serious, Dil Dhadakne Do feels.

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