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The Reviews Of SOTY 2 Are Out And The Internet Is Flooded With Hilarious Memes

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Guys, drop everything. SOTY 2 hit the theatres today and the internet is having a field day. Look, we aren’t going to say it’s a bad movie or a good one because we haven’t watched it and I would rather go in labour than put myself through that, so okay, maybe I am saying something. But the internet peeps are a brave bunch. They went ahead and watched this movie in theatres. Either this nation has a lot of rich people or a lot of free time that they voluntarily spend on movies like these. Perhaps they are fans of these actors. I am not judging but this is what I call bad taste.

Anyway, after a publicity blitz backed by the monies of Dharma productions and the clout of the leads – the actors have been literally everywhere. On every show. In every publication. They even made to the cover of a bridal magazine. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Moving on, the movie finally released and a screening was held for people from the fraternity.

Obviously, these stars have nothing bad to say about the movie. The audiences, however, had a few things to say.

And here come the memes…


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