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The Prices Of Onions Have Netizens Making Hilarious Memes And These Will Make You Cry

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By this point, if one thing is clear, it is the fact that as millennials the only effective way for us to deal with anything – from happy to sad to eventful to trending, is either by making tik tok videos about it or by making memes. Making most of the technology and putting our creative juices to best use possible, we excel at a lot of things, but meme-making definitely tops that list. Be it during the release of a movie trailer or even when an interesting piece of news makes headlines, nothing is spared by the netizens when it comes to making memes. The recent news to be converted into slapstick comedic memes is the rising prices of onions.

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Living up to its reputation of being a tear jerker, the prices of onions have soared to a whopping Rs 200 per kg in some states and even touching Rs 300 in others. The downpour of heavy rain in many areas where onions are cultivated resulted in an unsuccessful harvest, further creating a scarcity for the commodity, which has now resulted in onions being hailed as a rich man’s vegetable and a millennial’s funny bone.

In fact, taking this news in a way better than most have, there are several netizens who have handled this piece of information by making hilarious memes out of the present economic situation, which honestly will crack you up – that is of course when you’re not crying about it. Here are a few of our most favourite memes making rounds on internet that involve some of the most iconic Bollywood dialogues –

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