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The Josh On Vicky Kaushal’s Picture Was High But Also Exposed How *Tharki* Indian Women Are

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Vicky Kaushal doesn’t need to do anything sexy to turn up the heat. He could walk out looking scruffy and women will throw themselves at him and the temperature goes up by a couple of degrees. Lately, the national bae shared a picture of him, casually eating an ice-cream. How innocent, you think. Vicky Kaushal, beating the summer heat in the most, well, normal way possible. By indulging in a creamy treat. Except, this caused women’s ovaries around the country to simultaneously explode.

The comments started pouring in and the picture, not just broke, but shattered the internet! Every woman collectively agreed to want to be that ice-cream (only if it was possible…sigh!). Never have the internet peeps been so united on anything and we’re glad Vicky having a frozen dessert could do that to us.

But if we’ve been time and again calling out men for the very lusty comments they leave on women’s pictures, it’s only fair that we expose how utterly horny the comment section under this picture is. Everything from desperately wanting to be the ice cream, to talking about how they are melting, Indian women brought out their tharki side here.


One look at Vicky, and Indian women are firing their best pickup lines at him. This love-struck girl wrote, “Do you know what’s common b/w me and ice cream? Hum dono tumhe dekh ke pighal jaate hain.

In fact, even men appreciated him for his stunning looks, though they didn’t want to be that ice-cream, or weren’t melting looking at it!

But what really caught our attention is a comment from Shenaz Treasurywala, which seemed quite flirtatious to us. She wrote, “yum…dark chocolate.”

This cutie has even won the women in the industry over with his charm. In fact, even Katrina had expressed her desire to work with him on Koffee with Karan, also adding that they would look good together (ahem!). Ever since then, the duo have been making appearances at award shows and even got together for a tete-a-tete in an episode of Tapecast.

We are not saying the man doesn’t deserve it, I mean, he hella hot but maybe let’s dial it down so we don’t come across as exactly the kind of men we bring down.

Here’s some more visual treats from the house of Vicky!

On the work front, Vicky Kaushal will be playing the role of Sardar Udhaam Singh in his next project. A new haircut to gush over, new ambitions (main ice-cream banna chahti hu) and things to look forward to – Vicky Kaushal has given us enough happiness to survive the week. *takes a deep breath* Let’s get to work now, shall we?


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