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The Internet Saw This Picture Of Breasts And No One Thought It Was Sexy

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I was a nerd growing up. I would spend most of my time securing the first bench of any class, and the rest reading up dictionaries. My attendance and attention during the classes was unparalleled, but seems like I still missed out on a few facts about the biology and anatomy of the female body. Now that I think of it, maybe it’s good I missed this one.

What I came across today, was a picture of what a female muscle system looks like. And turns out, all boobs maybe packaged pretty, but the insides will definitely give you a scare. The flower-like anatomy of the muscles of the milk duct make me wonder how can something so desirable be made with such a…not so sexy visual.

And we are not alone at this, many on twitter too, seem to have been scarred by the not-so-subtle reality check.

If anything, my lifelong wish to have bigger boobs has now been reduced to wanting no boobs at all, because honestly, the image of several tampon-like objects stuck to the nipples is tit-bit disturbing. Yes, we can’t unsee this one, but hey, isn’t it good to know that the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ might as well have been about this and the pressure that people on boobs to be all pretty and perky can finally be put to rest.


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