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The Internet Is Now Trying The Birdbox Challenge. We Can’t Even…

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2018 saw an onslaught of a series of challenges that got the best of people as they enthusiastically, and mostly stupidly took part in it.  All this while the internet basked, commented and shared these challenge videos, tickled pink that people should indulge in these things. Some of them that really gained momentum were the Kiki Challenge that was after Drake’s song – In my feelings,  What the fluff challenge – where people tried playing peek-a-boo with their doggo friends, and now we have the BirdBox Challenge!

For those of you who haven’t heard of this, first of all, thank god. But we can fill you in. This challenge is named after Netflix’s latest release – Bird Box, a psychological thriller starring Sandra Bullock, where people try to perform everyday tasks while being blindfolded. We can’t even…

We are not sure why this has become a thing, or how someone thought this should go on the internet, but it is. And people decided to start doing things with blindfolds on. It does sound like the beginning of a bad movie and it probably is. But it caught on, as these things normally do.  So much so that Netflix had to release a statement pleading people to stop indulging in this challenge if, you know, they wish to stay alive and not get run over by a speeding truck while crossing the road.

Sandra Bullock had a reason to do it, to stay alive. We don’t have that problem, just saying. So in case you were already scheduling your challenge video, kindly don’t!


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