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The Hapless ‘Woman In Yellow Saree’ Has Once Again Let Loose The Indian Man’s Inner Perv!

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The internet has an uncanny knack for turning the most ordinary peeps into overnight sensations. Remember the RCB fan girl? Well, India just completed another phase of its Lok Sabha Elections, and guess what was trending more than the elections itself. A particular ‘woman in yellow saree’ (yes, that’s what she’s now known as) who was seen carrying an EVM on the day of the elections in Lucknow. 29-year-old Reena Dwivedi stepped out on election duty; little did she know she’d became a social media star! Bet every blogger out there must be cursing their luck.

Anyhoo, Reena, who was snapped pretty casually on the day, was googled so much that she ranked higher than Reebok on google search. Both start with the letters ‘ree’. And it didn’t stop there; comments flowed, facts were fabricated and soon enough, appreciation turned into maligning statements. Typical!

When Reena was questioned about this uncalled for surge on the internet, she said, “I have done election duties in 2014 and 2017 too but this time, I seem to have suddenly become famous because of this photograph. People in my own office, and even visitors, are requesting me for selfies. Though it is nice to be famous overnight, it also gets uncomfortable at times.” And it has, for her, for us, and for all the women out there.

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Well, the whole saga left us wondering what one-track minds the Indian public has when it comes to women. Be it an unknown woman in a yellow saree or an RCB fan girl, the internet will not miss the opportunity to let out their innate tharkiness. But have you stopped to think about the kind of women that are making waves? All of them have certain attributes that are hard to miss. They’re fair, have cascading long locks and lovely pink lips. Clearly, the Indian man’s fantasy. That in a country of mostly dusky women is telling, isn’t it?

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