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The Guy Who Licked The Toilet Seat For The ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Caught Coronavirus. Can We Stop With These Stupid Challenges?

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A lot of people have been sheer idiots, feeling invincible and contemptuously looking at us who are wary of this deadly virus. They have been putting not just themselves but also others at risk. The term “covidiots” has been coined especially for these people who think it’s cool to be a threat to humanity. There are different levels of covidiots. There are people who venture out even though they know it’s life-threatening. Then there are those scums who went and participated in the “coronavirus challenge” like it’s all a joke. This challenged involved people licking surfaces and trying to prove they are cool. You’ll are mortals and not Captain America. Stop this bullshit.

Anyway, one of those covidiots licked a public toilet seat and apparently now he is hospitalised with flu-like symptoms. Reports suggest that he is COVID-19 positive. I mean….wtf was he thinking licking that toilet seat? Even if there wasn’t a pandemic, a toilet seat is filled with pathogens that nobody should put their tongues on. Yuck. I hope that guy is single.

“Karma is a strange thing,” Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan said in response to this report. “If you behave in such a reckless, moronic, selfless manner, karma will catch up with you,” he further added.

This guy blatantly ridiculed safety protocols in a time where we don’t have enough hospitals, doctors, ventilators or tests for people who actually need them. Several people took the stupid challenge with absolutely no sense of responsibility to others. A TikTok user told why she took the challenge. She said, “I was tired of that bitch corona getting more publicity than ME. I’m the real celebrity.” She further added “(Health experts) can suck it. I’m fine… I feel hot skinny rich and iconic…if that’s the symptoms of corona then bitch I’m ill. (sic)” When she was told that others can catch the virus because of her, she said, “That’s their problem.” Such people deserve to be arrested!

Retired nurse Dr John Campbell told, “If these people (doing the challenge) are infected, they will leave virus on the surfaces they have licked, potentially infecting others. If the infected person subsequently dies, this means this bizarre behaviour could result in death of an innocent person.”

He further explained ‘If they are not infected, the virus may be contracted from potentially contaminated surfaces. This means the individual can contract the disease themselves. In addition they could spread the disease they have contracted and infect other people, some of whom may go on to die.”

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Nikki Kanani, NHS England’s Medical Director of Primary Care said, “It is highly irresponsible for people to put their own health and the health of those around them on the line for no other reason than a pointless internet challenge.” She further added, “Our NHS staff are working round the clock to prepare to treat those who need it during the peak of the pandemic – the last thing they need is internet trends unnecessarily putting people in hospital.”

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