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The Comments On This Picture Of Suhana Khan Are Proof Of Our Cheap Mentality. She Can Wear What She Wants!

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If I could get a penny for every time that a man looked at my cleavage instead of my eyes while talking to me, I’d probably have enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe with clothes that have plunging necklines. Because it’s my choice and it’s nobody else’s business, so they can take their nose and dispose of it as they please. But then, I have no such luck because I live in India. A place where every picture of a celebrity is a free-for-all fest and usually a cesspool of cheap comments. And usually, the celebrities take these people down but then the celebrity in question is only a 19-year-old and this gives us shudders.

The star kid, who has been in the limelight for a while now has enrolled herself at the New York University and has been looking the part of a young college girl, as we all do when we are in college! She recently found herself  bearing the brunt of rather harsh and unnecessary hate comments on Instagram, after the recent picture that surfaced online, where she can be seen sitting on a bench wearing what people are calling it, ‘revealing clothes’.

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Not that they have any business in talking about Suhana Khan decides to wear or post, but even that hasn’t stopped them from going ahead to publicly dismiss her for her cleavage show. Because nobody has ever learned to look beyond the bosom of a woman without pathetically drooling over them, and if it can’t happen in person, then they’d do it in the comment section of the picture.

And if that wasn’t enough, the trollers further went ahead to issue advice to the young Khan about how she should consider wearing decent clothes, because clearly the idea of decency is not in line with theirs. Except, what bullshit. Star kid or not, what one chooses to put on their back is entirely up to them, and not an invitation to judge but then who’s going to tell them that.  From trying to tame us on how to sit, what to wear and when to speak, the society feels entitled to restrict us to a regressive mindset and we are not willing to take it any further.

And this incident says more about the mentality of the people assuming the responsibility of schooling Suhana over matters that do not concern them, than it tells us about Suhana Khan. Because, in reality, she is being her merry self and enjoying her new college-girl life, as she sees fit. People really need to calm their horses and keep their noses where they belong, because a woman’s cleavage is no place to put it anyway.

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