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The Bombay HC Has Directed That Cops Be Investigated For Their Shoddy Work In Crimes Involving Women And Children

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This coronavirus pandemic has had a sort of ripple effect on society. One of the ripples that it left behind was the significant increase in cases of violence against women. From domestic violence to rapes, the cases have escalated in the last 6 months or so. And as horrifying as this might be, what is worse is that the police have a nonchalant and insensitive attitude towards all this. From severely shaming the victim to straight out refusing to file an FIR (which is against the law BTW), police teams all over the country have played a huge part in the injustice women face. 

However, today, I am the bearer of good news! 

You see, the Bombay High Court in Goa has also noticed that the policemen were insensitive and apathetic when it came to investigations of crimes involving women or children. Hence, the court has asked state Director General of Police to hold a formal investigation into the conduct of these police officers. 

The court found that there was, “a certain element of casualness, insensitivity and at times, even apathy in investigations particularly in matters involving sexual offences against women and children”. 

This direction came while the court upheld the acquittal of the perpetrators involved in a crime against a girl child. This was not the first time that the accused had been acquitted due to a compromised investigation by the police and hence the court felt that “there is real danger of investigating agencies gaining an impression that this is tolerable or that this is the new normal.”

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices MS Sonak and MS Jawalkar said,” Of late, we are coming across the cases of shoddy and insensitive investigations particularly, in matters involving sexual offences against women and children. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Courts to convict or sustain the conviction of perpetrators of such crimes.” Further adding, “Utmost vigilance and sensitivity is the need of the hour if we are to protect our children’s future.”  

Due to the police’s negligence and “shoddy” work, perpetrators who have harmed women and children are being let off. This raises the question, why aren’t the people responsible for our safety taking their job seriously? Is the rape of a child or a woman who is being abused at home not that important? Or do the police just not take cases involving women or children seriously? Yeah, I think that’s it. 

Further, the court added, “There should be a serious enquiry into the lapses in this matter and ultimately if any of the police officials involved are found to have misconducted themselves then some suitable action is taken against them in accordance with law. Such enquiry must be held and concluded as expeditiously as possible and in any case within six months from today.” 

I am choosing to look at this as a small victory. For a long time, police officers have been abusing their position, dismissing serious cases and harassing the victims by blaming them and asking inappropriate questions. At least now, officers will be more mindful with sensitive cases and they will actually do some police work. Hopefully, in six months the officers who have neglected cases of rape or domestic abuse are pulled up and held responsible. 

The reason that the court decided to issue an investigation into these police officers is that this, the case they were presiding on, was the second one involving a child wherein the accused were let go on account of a rubbish investigation by the police. 

In the first case, a man who was allegedly accused of raping an 8-year-old child was acquitted due to insufficient evidence. Now, do you see why it’s a brilliant thing the officers are being questioned? They mishandled a case where a child was raped. 

Pertaining this the court said, “The victim had earlier seen the said person in a carpentry shop near the temple [yet] no efforts were made to search him… no spot located or attempts were made to locate where the actual sexual assault took place… the Police has not made any inquiry with the younger brother of the victim who was alleged to be playing with the victim at the relevant time (when she was picked up taken to a lonely spot and allegedly raped)… no independent witnesses were called for panchanama on spot from where the victim was alleged to be picked up on a scooter… no mobile was ceased though it is claimed by the victim that the accused had shown her some obscene scenes.”

This is honestly sickening. Of course, the case but also how the police just don’t seem to care enough to do their jobs. No wonder the accused got acquitted. And now their mistake has put so many more children and women at risk. 

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This is not the only incident where the police have messed up their investigation due to their carelessness. A few days ago, in Andhra Pradesh, a man was abusing and tormenting his family. He was extremely violent with his wife and two daughters. The police refused to file an FIR on multiple accounts and asked the daughters to compromise and adjust. Eventually, the daughters made a video of their father hitting their mother on the head with a dumbbell. The police only arrested him after they submitted that video. They didn’t think to act sooner. Instead, they waited for the victims to bring them proof of the crime.  

The police just don’t take women victims very seriously. Our word means less than nothing to them. It’s unfortunate that women and children have to suffer because police officers don’t do their jobs right. They only act after the worst is over, and even then they do a horrible job with the investigations.  

The high court has now asked the DGP, “to take steps to see that the prosecutions against the perpetrators of crimes against minor children do not fail on account of shoddy and insensitive investigation”. 

The fact that the High Court has taken notice of then and stepped in is truly amazing. I just hope that police teams all over the country are investigated in a similar manner and then schooled. They’ve been taking cases of violence against women and children very lightly and now they will be held responsible.

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