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Now You Can Literally Wake Up And Smell The Coffee With This Amazing Product!

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Are you one of those people who cannot function in the morning without first having a cup of steaming hot coffee? Join the club. I cannot imagine going through an entire day without my morning cuppa to charge me up first. But let’s be honest. At times, it gets really tedious to wake up, grope your way into the kitchen with bleary eyes, and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. It is this very problem that Joshua Renouf has very cleverly solved!



Courtesy: JoshRenoufDesign


Meet The Barisieur — an alarm clock + coffee brewer, right at your bedside. Designed by the British product designer, this sassy machine wakes you up in the morning with an alarm and a steaming cup of your favourite brew. All you need to do before hitting the sack is fill in some water and coffee grounds/tea leaves in the appropriate slots and set it to a suitable time for the next day. And voila! The Barisieur works its magic.


bariseur cup in post

Courtesy: JoshRenoufDesign


Renouf says that the idea behind this epic product is to allow the aroma of coffee to “stimulate the senses, leading to awakening”. The product is self-contained, so you can store the coffee powder/tea leaves, sugar, and a vial of milk in sealed compartments right by your bedside. As if that wasn’t enough, it even has a USB charging port to charge your phone and electrical gadgets!


bariseur in post 2

Courtesy: JoshRenoufDesign


Th Barisieur also has a Kickstarter page, where hundreds have already pledged over £150,000 towards supporting this amazing idea. If you donate generously, you qualify for an early bird offer that allows you to pre-order this machine before its official worldwide launch in June.

Looks like people are thrilled about this dream machine. Not surprising. I’d like one too!

Check out this video below to know more about the product:


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