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Whatsapp Now Comes With The Video Calling Feature

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We have been for waiting for a long time to be able to video call our peeps on WhatsApp and guess what, it is finally happening. The Facebook-owned company has just announced the launch of this much-needed feature. The beta version of the app has had it for a while now and, thanks to its success, the developers opened it up for the rest of the world too. This only means one thing — this is now THE most important app on our phones. WhatsApp has practically eradicated the word ‘text’ and, with the way things are going, it may soon become extinct.

To access the video calling feature, just update the WhatsApp app to its latest version. Once you click on the call icon, it will give you the option to voice or video call. That’s it! But considering the amazing 4G connectivity we have, only time will tell how clear the connection will be. We cannot deny that, though the app has become our lifeline and it is very difficult to click the delete button, the calling feature doesn’t always work.

Nonetheless, this is great news for us, but them Skype and FaceTime folks are crying their eyes out, we think. Does this mean that Skype dates are not going to be a thing anymore? Anyway, while I go and try the new feature, you can take a look at Gadget 360’s video and learn how to get started!


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