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5 Tips To Make Your Wifi Signal Stronger

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The one thing that has become an absolute necessity in today’s times is a good wifi connection. No workplace can function without one, and you need a great connection at home too (especially to stream all those amazing international shows on Netflix). What’s worse than not having a good wifi connection is having a signal whose speed is slower than a tortoise. So to avoid foul language and a bad mood, try these tips to make your wifi signal stronger.

1. Choose The Correct Location

If you have your router placed in one corner of the room and a pile of clothes on top of it, don’t complain about not getting a strong signal in your living room! Be smart and place your router in a position where it is accessible from all points in the house or at work. Choose a central spot that is not messy and few things will be a hindrance to your signal.

2. Change The Wifi Channel

Wifi routers work on radio frequency as do other home electronics like cordless phones and microwaves. Their frequencies can often clash and cause the signal to go weak. You can avoid these disturbances by changing the channel frequency of your router so that it doesn’t clash with other frequencies. Simply change it to a notch higher and you will be sorted. Call your wifi operator to do this!

3. Purchase All the Equipment From The Same Company

Many times we tend to buy the adapter and router from different companies, which can cause problems. Ensure that everything is from the same company. This helps in the devices being compatible with each other and in turn, a stronger connection.

4. Invest In A New Antenna

Most routers have an omnidirectional  antenna that enables them to send the signal in all directions equally. This is great if the router is centrally placed, but if you have it in some far corner then change your antenna to a high gain one. That will make sure that the signals don’t get wasted by touching walls or dead-end surfaces. Then again, avoid this tip altogether by referring to the first point!

5. Replace The Wireless Adapter

Maybe the problem is not in the router but in the wireless adapter in your laptop or computer. If that is the issue, then your machine won’t catch the signal even if it is strong. This problem usually occurs on desktops as most laptops have in-built, high-quality adapters. Change it ASAP and your internet connection will be faster than ever!


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