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6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life!

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I’m one of those people whose phone battery is always low. Like, always! It’s so bad that by the time I reach office in the morning, my phone is already dead. My phone’s battery is fine, thank you for asking, it’s just that I often forget to charge it. What’s worse is that I have not one but two power banks! So I desperately needed some hacks that would solve my problem and still let me be my usual careless self. There are already tips that tell me how to charge my phone to ensure maximum power, but what about when I don’t have access to a charging point? These tips will ensure that your battery stays with you for a long, long time. Perfect for those who travel a lot and don’t have access to a charging point. Hell, they are blessing for everyone with a phone!

1. Turn Off Push notifications

Every time you receive a message on Whatsapp or get a notification from Facebook, there is a minute part of your battery that gets drained. Turn off unnecessary notifications by going to Settings and you are sorted.

2. Choose a dark wallpaper

Android phones use pexels to light up your screens, so the lighter your wallpaper is the more power the phone will consume. Opt for a black or dark coloured wallpaper and boost your phone’s battery life. Simple, right?

3. Close all apps in the background

My best friend has to snatch my phone and close all the background tabs and apps every time I meet her. Trust me, just by shutting those tabs, your battery will last way longer than it would have previously. It’s like a 5-second job!

4. Lower the brightness

Now this not a new hack, but most of us forget to use it and then complain about our phones getting warm. That is because we keep our brightness levels at maximum, which results in more power consumption. Just increase it when you really need it, like while reading an article.

5. Turn off Wifi

If your Wifi settings are on, it will catch a lot of signals wherever you go and that causes a lot of power loss. Turn it off when you aren’t in an area where there is a certified connection.

6. Keep your phone cool

When your phone gets warm, it consumes more battery. To avoid this, try not keeping your phone in your pockets or your hand for a long time. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight as that makes the phone heat up. Keep it cool and it will stay with you longer!

7. Download battery saver apps

There are a lot of apps like Snapdragon that help you track your battery usage. It gives you an analysis of where unwanted power consumption is happening and give you tips to avoid it. Among all the useless apps that you have on your phone, replacing them with useful ones like this would be better, right?

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