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The TinyCards App Makes Learning Fun Fun Fun!

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Anyone with siblings or kids will tell you that teaching them is a big pain in the behind! But don’t worry, like all good things in life, there’s now an app for that too! Enter the TinyCards app, from the same guys who created the amazing Duolingo app. The best way to increase retention of new information is via the use of both your visual and auditory senses. Guess what flash cards help you with? The answer is both.

I absolutely love how TinyCards uses cute, colourful illustrations on their flash cards, the kind that would totally appeal to kids and adults who enjoy cartoons. To get started, you simply feed in your name and choose the fields you’re interested in learning. The fields are: Language (a direct feed from Duolingo), TinyHistory, TinyGeo , TinyScience, and Chineasy. I chose Spanish and TinyHistory. Each field has a plethora of topics — you choose the ones you want and start referring to the ready flash cards. Once you’re done with that, you can even take tests to check your retention. Keep repeating till you ace ‘em all.

Guess what, the learning never stops with the TinyCards app. What’s amazing is that the feeds are constantly updated with new topics and even includes trending topics like Pokémon, untranslatable words from the New York Times, and more! TinyCards also conveniently reminds you when it’s time to learn via push notifications, a boon for someone as forgetful as myself.

So get ready to put on your learning cap and show off how knowledgeable you are. Available for iOS and android.

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