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14 Stylish Tech Accessories For The Girl On The Go!

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Wearable tech is the hot new buzzword in technology internationally, and there’s not a company out there that’s not trying to make stylish tech accessories more appealing to a largely young but superbly savvy audience. From radically designed smartwatches to jewellery that is about more than just looking good, there’s nothing that’s too out there when it comes to wearable technology.

So without further ado, here’s a look at 14 stylish tech accessories that are perfect for the tech-savvy fashionista!


The Pilot Earpiece_Hauterfly

1. The Pilot

The Pilot has been making waves across the internet the past two weeks thanks to its groundbreaking idea. This wearable tech piece is the world’s first smart earpiece that translates foreign languages for your in real-time. It also comes with an additional earpiece that allows you to stream music wirelessly, as well as a handy app that toggles through various languages (the selection includes French, Spanish, Italian, and English). The Pilot launches only in September, but it’s available to pre-order right now.

SHOP NOW: The Pilot (Rs 8,695  approx)


Samsung Gear S2_Hauterfly

2. Samsung Gear S2

This new smartwatch from Samsung is a great idea about how a smartwatch should look and function. Compatible with most Android smartphones, it has a unique rotating bezel that allows you to easily navigate menus and screens. Its intuitive interface lets you access important notifications, text messages, and updates from your phone easily, and also includes a health app that allows you to track your steps, heart rate, etc. The default strap for the Gear S2 is made of rubber, but there’s also a Classic option that comes with a detachable leather strap. Beautifully designed with a superb screen to boot, it performs well and can be the perfect new addition to your budding wearable tech collection.

SHOP NOW: Samsung Gear S2 (Rs 19,900)


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker_Hauterfly

3. Fitbit Alta

A new style conscious fitness tracker, the Fitbit Alta comes in a range of metal-look, coloured leather bands that make it look more like a fashionable accessory. A small OLED screen displays the time and stats, while the device tracks the usual steps, distances, calories burned, active minutes, as well as how long and how well you sleep. You can also get call, text, and calendar notifications if your phone is nearby. Compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows phones, Fitbit Alta is definitely one of the most stylish fitness trackers out there for girls who like to stand out.

SHOP NOW: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker (Rs 12,999)


LuMee iPhone 6 Case_Hauterfly

4. LuMee iPhone 6 Case

Perfect your selfie game with the LuMee smartphone case. This Kim Kardashian-approved accessory (also comes in select Android varieties) has bright, warm LEDs lining both edges of your phone enabling you to shoot photos in better lighting. The light intensity can be pretty strong, though, so use the option to dim it depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. It works especially well in cool-tone lighting by balancing out the blues and pinks efficiently.  You can also switch it on if you’re FaceTiming or Skyping in the dark!

SHOP NOW: LuMee iPhone 6 Case (Rs 3,700 approx)


PopSLATE iPhone Case_Hauterfly

5. Popslate 2 iPhone 6/6S Case

Put the back of your phone to work with this amazing new smartphone case from Popslate. This accessory is so amazing, you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard of it yet. The Popslate 2 is a smartphone case that primarily works like a second screen at the back of your phone. Its e-ink display means it’s just like an e-reader without the need for an extra device (think, no more Kindle or iPad). You can also get real-time updates on breaking news, sports scores, messages, or even jump between apps without unlocking your phone. A fantastic way to keep you informed at a glance. Did I mention it also works as a battery case for extra juice on the go? Pre-order now!

SHOP NOW: Popslate 2 iPhone 6/6S Case (Rs 6,6,85 approx)


Rebecca Minkoff Lightening Cable Bracelet_Hauterfly

6. Rebecca Minkoff Lightning Cable Bracelet

This ultra cool leather bracelet from Rebecca Minkoff seamlessly converts into a USB connector to charge and sync your iPhone — just the thing that tech savvy girls need. Wear it along with your everyday bracelets for a sleek wrist stack, and slip it on and off as you need to charge or import files onto your phone. The decorative gold clasp hides the USB connectors so that no one will be able to see it. Sweet!

SHOP NOW: Rebecca Minkoff Lightening Cable Bracelet (Rs 4,062 approx)


The Dipper Audio Necklace_Hauterfly

7. The Dipper Audio Necklace

This is one piece of wearable tech you’re definitely going to want to own. Beautiful form meets fabulous function in The Dipper — an all-in-one luxury necklace that converts into a chic pair of headphones. Made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium and plated with 24k gold or gunmetal, the chevron-shaped lightweight pendant stores two earbuds that allow you to listen to your music or answer phone calls on the go. It’s like no pair of headphones you’ve ever seen before, and is ideal for those long commutes to work. Plus, it sounds amazing!

SHOP NOW: The Dipper Audio Necklace (Rs 11,818 approx)


Tory Burch For Fitbit Wrap Bracelet_Hauterfly

8. Tory Burch For Fitbit Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet

Love your old Fitbit Flex but loathe the way it looks? You can either upgrade to the more stylish looking Fitbit Alta (scroll above) or then cover it up in this gorgeous wrap bracelet courtesy Tory Burch. The American designer has collaborated with Fitbit to create this ultra chic double-wrap wrist candy that seamlessly camouflages your fitness tracker in a gold-plated bracelet. So much so, that you can’t even tell it’s a tech accessory. A perfect combination of fit and fashionable, don’t you think?

SHOP NOW: Tory Burch For Fitbit Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet (Rs 8,440 approx)


FRENDS Layla Oil Slick Headphones_Hauterfly

9. FRENDS Layla Oil Slick Headphones

You’ve spotted these ultra-cool headphones on your favourite Bollywood celebrities — be it Alia Bhatt or Shahid Kapoor — and boy do they up your style game in the most bodacious way! FRENDS has been coming out with variations of their uniquely-designed headphones for a while now, but our favourite continues to be the iridescent Layla Oil Slick version. Perfect for the fashionista who loves to show off her musical leanings.

SHOP NOW: FRENDS Layla Oil Slick Headphones (Rs 9,790 approx)


Moto 360_Hauterfly

10. Motorola MOTO 360 Watch

Yet another smartwatch making waves currently is the MOTO 360, which is our top recommendation for tech-savvy girls looking for a smartwatch that’s not an Apple watch. The women’s version comes in 42mm with a range of finishes and customised looks (you can head on over to Motorola’s site to build your own watch — it’s pretty darn amazing!). Compatible with Andorids and iPhones, it includes wireless charging, is waterproof, has a heart rate sensor, and also WiFi connectivity. Our pick is the rose-gold bezel and case with a double-wrap leather strap. You can also get a single strap version here.

SHOP NOW: Motorola MOTO 360 Watch (Rs 22,955 approx)


Kindle Oasis_Hauterfly

11. Kindle Oasis E-Reader

If you’re looking to catch up on your reading while on vacation (or the beach) but are loathe to lug around a heavy hardcover or two, Kindle’s new Oasis e-reader ticks all the right boxes. It’s sleek, light, and ultra-thin, and weighs just 135 grams! The new design features an ergonomic grip so that you can hold the device more comfortably. What’s more, the Oasis has a high-resolution display with crisp text, and can last for several weeks without being plugged in. Plus it comes with a cover that recharges it automatically. Cool!

SHOP NOW: Kindle Oasis E-Reader (Rs 23,999)


Pebble Time Round Smartwatch_Hauterfly

12. Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

Launched in India earlier this month, Pebble’s sleek smartwatches are dainty little pieces of wearable tech. The Round version is just 14mm thick, making it the thinnest smartwatch we’ve seen yet. There are a variety of finishes to choose from on the international site while Amazon India has only the black and silver versions currently. It’s got some nifty features like Timeline calendar alerts, notifications, calls, texts, and silent alarms. You’ll even get two days of battery life on full charge.

SHOP NOW: Pebble Time Round Smartwatch (Rs 13,510 approx)


Bellabeat Leaf_Hauterfly

13. Bellabeat Leaf

Designed exclusively for women, this nifty piece of smart jewellery tracks stress levels, steps, sleep and menstrual cycles. It even has personalised meditations to help you on your path to mindfulness. It comes along with an easy-to-use app that provides a visual snapshot of your daily activity, sleep, periods, and meditation, with four tabs telling you everything you need to know about your daily progress. The Bellabeat Leaf can be worn both as a necklace or a brooch, and comes in a standard wood design with stainless steel with a silver chain, or a limited edition version made from dark marshwood and gold leaf.

SHOP NOW: Bellabeat Leaf (Rs 8,100 approx)


Ringly Out To Sea Ring_Hauterfly

14. Ringly Out To Sea Lapis Ring

Ringly has been touted as one of the smartest pieces of wearable tech aimed at women currently. The smart jewellery piece connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device and discreetly alerts you about calls, messages, emails, etc if your phone is in your handbag or desk while you’re away. It also works with social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder so you never miss a notification on the go. Customised notifications come via vibrations and a subtle light on the side of the ring. The smart rings (also available: a range of smart bracelets) come in a variety of semi-precious stones, and our pick is the lapis gem, which is inspired by the ocean!

SHOP NOW: Ringly Out To Sea Lapis Ring (Rs 13,170 approx)


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