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Everything You Need To Know About Sonam Kapoor’s App!

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While most Bollywood actors choose mainstream channels like social media to connect with their fans, Sonam Kapoor who has taken the Kardashian route to bond and get personal with her fans. I already felt like part of her #GlamSquad by liking her candid pictures on Instagram and watching her antics on Snapchat, but her new app launched yesterday is a gamechanger. It gives you a chance to get to know her even better through live streaming video chats, instant updates on her movies, photo shoots, promotions, and her personal life.

Now you can actually get to know how she transforms into a fashionista for events by catching her updates on the app. What better way to be updated about latest trends from the fashion guru herself? This new app creates the perfect platform for all Sonam lovers to express their love for her.

Here is why you need to check out her app:



Style Mafia

This is the section that I opened immediately after I downloaded the app. Here Sonam alerts you about the latest trends and how you can nail them. I don’t think I need to skim through fashion magazines anymore when I have this app handy.



My Tribe

Here is where fans can post their art and appreciation. It’s so amazing how much effort fans have put in to create beautiful pictures and gifs of her, in the process making the app a more accessible way for even Sonam to see the creations.



Here you can check out what she is up to whether you want to know about her movies, promotions or photo shoots. You don’t have to rely on Google anymore to do your research. Here is a quick and easy way to know more about your favourite fashionista.



I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always fascinated about what goes on once the cameras stop rolling. In this section, you get all the fun that happens behind the scenes from makeup to various other preparations for a role.



My Life

This has got to be everybody’s favourite. Get a peek into Sonam’s personal life and know her better in this section. Get to know where she is travelling and which restaurants she goes to in just a click.

I have to say, the app is super easy to use, has a lot of original content from Sonam and it’s definitely something her fans are going to take to in a big way. Way to go, Sonam…one more chic feather in your gorgeous hat!


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