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Wanna Know If Someone’s Blocked You? Read On…

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Android users, stop right here. This post is unfortunately or fortunately only for Apple users. Well, now we know which clan has more tendencies of getting blocked!

You know those instances when you are talking to someone and suddenly, you lose all contact? You try to get in touch with them but all you get are dead lines. This might be the case if someone has blocked you. We respect all that everyone is entitled to their privacy and that is the primary reason Apple launched this service with it’s ios 7. There are, after all, crazy exes and stalkers out there that deserve to be ignored. But the thought keeps lingering at the back of your mind right? Have I been blocked or is the person just busy? Well hold your horses and calm down as we come to your rescue. Use these two simple ways to find out whether or not you have been blocked!

1. Call The Contact

Call the person you think has blocked you and notice the pattern of the call ring. If the call gets cut in a single ring and goes straight to voicemail, sorry to break it to you, but you may have been blocked. Call a few more times to confirm this and if this keeps happening then, girl, it’s time to let go. Oh and BTW, the other person doesn’t get any notifications about a voice message from you.

2. Send an iMessage

iMessage is the chat option exclusively for iPhone users. If these messages are delivered and read by your contact, then breathe a sigh of relief, as you have not been blocked. But, if the message is only delivered and not read, even after days, then you might have been blocked.

Though not foolproof, these ways can help you give some insight about your situation. If, on the off chance, you have been blocked, we suggest you respect the person’s privacy and not start a fight!


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