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Instagram’s New Update Is Going To Make Your Life Easy

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Considering how often our favourite social media platforms come out with new updates, I think we might as well start writing a weekly column about it. And literally leading the charge is Instagram — which makes sure users never stopping using it — by rolling out new features with alarming regularity. Some great, others kinda usual. Yesterday, the company announced a cool one that allows you to save images in a separate folder on your profile. Yes, you can now bookmark photos and save them for future reference, without the person knowing about it!


Instagram Saved Photos Feature_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Instagram


We all have our photo galleries filled with screenshots of Instagram posts that we want to share with our friends (okay, more like material to gossip about later, but you get it, right?). Making life easy, you can simply tap on the post and save it with the help of the bookmark icon that is now available on the app. Go to your profile and there you can view all photos in one place, in a folder that is private.

These photos do not get saved in your phone’s gallery, and that’s a good thing as we’re all plagued by space issues anyway! So, whether it is that hot MCM or the new dish you want to try out, save and go through it later without any hassles.

Then again, Pinterest has already beaten Instagram with this update ages ago.


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