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Save Vs Splurge: Food Processing Like A #GirlBoss

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Consider this a PSA for all those human beings who live alone, love cooking, but don’t know how to use the knife. Cooking a meal is fun for me, eating it even more so, but what is a task is chopping, grinding, and all the other essential things. I guess even our mums hated it, since we were always given the tedious job of peeling potatoes or removing the skin from the peas, right?

Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, food processors have been lifesavers — it has changed the way most of us cook.


KitchenAid is a brand that has transformed out kitchen experiences, of course, for the better. Coming straight from the experts is this red, all-purpose processor that will act as your co-chef. This processor can slice, blend, grate, puree and, of course, chop. So, whether it is your greens or tender meat, this one will, for sure, give you a helping hand. Its capacity is of 4 litres and the blades are made up of silicon, which are easy to clean and dry. Adding to this is the facility of having 2 optimised speeds from which you can choose. A must buy, especially if you are moving into a new home.


But what if it’s your friend who’s moving into a new place, and you can’t really splurge 35k (unless it’s bae)? For those times and any others, actually, opt for this Philips food processor that basically does everything that the KitchenAid one does. Yes, everything from the chopping to blending and even mixing your cake batter, the features are pretty identical. The only glitch is that the capacity on this one is only of 2.1 litres, as opposed to 4 litres. Philips is a brand that is synonymous with high-quality, affordable electronics and works well with the Indian audience. The quality of the KitchenAid processor may be better, but if you ask me, the Philips is a much better deal.

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