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Samsung Announced The Galaxy Note 7 And It’s Pretty Epic!

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Android users, it’s time to go ballistic! Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 and it’s packed with some awesome features. The Note 7 is being touted as the second biggest Samsung release, following the popular Galaxy S7.  If you’ve been scouting for a brand new phone, we think you should totally wait for the Note 7. Here’s why.

1. Curved Screen + Gorilla Glass

To begin with, it comes with improved hardware. We’re talking about a curved screen, paired with a gorilla glass display. It’s a 5.7 inch dual-edge display. Both the front and the back of the phone have been crafted with this tough, recently revealed Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This provides an amazing and smooth grip.

2. The S Pen

While I’ve never been big on a stylus, the S pen is a total dream for those of you who are! It’s been created to resemble a ball-point pen. As Samsung said, it detects up to 4,000 levels of pressure and is super precise. The pen also functions as a translator. All you have to do is hover over the text on your screen to translate to all of 38 different languages!

3. Dust And Water Resistant

Samsung has ensured that both the Note 7 as well as the S pen are dust and water resistant. So, come rain or shine, you get the opportunity to keep using your phones like a total boss. (I think this is my favourite feature!)

4. Iris Scanner

This is a feature that several were expecting and even obsessing over. It sure adds a better level of security to your device. Samsung promises that it’s extremely secure and works really well. Samsung also says that this technology can be used to authenticate purchases made on Samsung Pay.

5. HDR

The Note 7 is the first mobile device to feature mobile HDR. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, provides clean picture quality that is really amazing. HDR for mobiles means greater picture quality, specifically designed for smaller devices. Samsung has also teamed up with Amazon Prime to offer up HDR video, which is the next big thing if it isn’t already! Prime members will be given a chance to stream HDR content on their phones.

6. Notes

Remember how the Note 5 let you just pull out your stylus and scrawl notes on your phone without unlocking it? Well, the Note 7 just went one step further. Now, you have the option of letting your notes stay at the top of the screen, permanently. So, the next time you need to scan through an important list, you don’t have to navigate your way to the app. It’s all right there, at the top of your screen!

7. GIF-maker

Samsung truly takes the cake with this feature. With the Note 7, you can cut out clips from YouTube videos or your own videos, and create GIFs that you can share. All it requires is the Smart Select feature, which you can activate through the S pen.

Apart from all of these cool features, the Note 7 also offers you a selection of external accessories. This includes the Gear Virtual Reality Headset, an IP68 certified water-resistant backpack for charging on-the-go and a Gear 360 camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be arriving in India soon. Samsung has organised an event on August 11, in New Delhi and we think we’ll receive more concrete details on the launch in India, then.

Currently, Samsung only says that the Note 7 will be priced over $800 (roughly Rs 53,000) and will be available for users abroad, come August 19.


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