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5 Tips To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

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I’m quite honestly tired of the number of times my phone decides to turn into a hot mess (literally!). One moment it’s running smoothly and the next, BAM — it’s an overheated device. I then have to scurry around the place, holding my phone close to the vents of the air-conditioner or fanning it about like a sheet of paper as I try to cool it down.

But seriously, you don’t need me to tell you that doing stuff like that won’t help. An overheated phone could have a ton of causes. It could be the result of some malware in your phone or even because you charge your phone way more than necessary. Whatever it may be, here are some handy tips that’ll help keep your darling devices from overheating again.

1. Take Off Your Phone Case

Phone cases tend to stifle your phones. It also traps all the heat that your phone generates. This obviously can’t be good, as it heats up your phone from the outside. So, even though phone cases are super convenient and cute AF, try to slip into the habit of leaving them off.

2. Check The Charger Cable

Often, phones tend to heat up while we charge them. This could be the result of a faulty charger cable. If your charger cable is damaged in any way or of poor quality, get rid of it and buy a new one STAT.

3. Shut Background Apps

Keeping a collection of apps open in the background is seriously not good for your phones. They draw on a lot of power and resources. This leads to an overheated phone! So be sure to shut all the background apps that you don’t currently need.

4. Keep Your Phone Away From Sunlight

Something as simple as this could very well be the cause of an overheated phone! Naturally, placing your phone where the sun shines bright can lead it to overheat. Stow your phones away from the sun, people.

5. Cool It Down With Cooler Master

Yeah, there’s pretty much an app for everything. Cooler Master, unfortunately, is available only for Android devices. Apart from displaying the temperature of your phone, the app also scans and detects any other apps that might be causing the phone to heat up. You can then shut off or even delete those apps.


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