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Now Get Your Personal Pinterest Board On Instagram

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The world of social media has been quite interesting in this last week. With Snapchat facing severe backlash due to an alleged comment made by its CEO, Instagram is emerging as some sort of a hero and has surpassed Snapchat in the number of users, royally.

But you may already know that. What you may not know is that there is a new feature on Instagram, and guess what, this time it has been copied from Pinterest. ‘Why leave anything out’ seems to be its motto.


Instagram's Collections Feature_Hauterfly


So far, you could save images by tapping on the bookmark icon and could then refer to them later; now you can save them under separate folder just like you do on your phone gallery or on Pinterest. To use ‘collections’, just press and hold the same bookmark icon and go on making as many folders as you want.

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These are still private and only you have access to them, but for how long is the question. Frankly, I have never really used the ‘save’ feature and thought no one did either, but according to Instagram, I’m clearly wrong.

Apparently, 46% of its users have saved at least one post (which could have been by mistake…you know, butterfingers!) since December.

Go ahead, check out the feature and let me know what you think about it in the comments below!


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