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Apple Has Released New Emojis And They’re DOPE!

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One one hand, Instagram has come out with a new feature and on the other hand tech giant Apple has updated its software to iOS 10.2, which is now available for download. With that come some exciting new features and the major one is the introduction of around 100 new emojis. And guys, they are awesome! Use the new emoji across your Apple devices with watchOS 3.1.1 for Apple Watch and macOS Sierra 10.12.2 for emoji fun on your Mac too.



Not all of them, however, are created by the company. There are inputs by Unicode, which is the governing body of emojis (yes, there is an organisation like that and I definitely want to be its president!). From the much-awaited avocado one to the one with a face palm, a whiskey glass, a sick face, a selfie, and so on, texting is going to get a lot more addictive.

These emojis show a lot of diversity across various professions, expressions, food, characters, and so much more. All you have to do is update your software to enjoy using them. As for us Android people, let’s wait for an update, may be next week?


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