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#LustList: Japleen Wants To Make Memories With This Camera!

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I think by now, everyone, right from my mum to the cab driver who drops me to work, knows about my intense love for travel. While a lot goes into travelling and planning for it, my stress starts when I have to click photos. Selfies are okay, but when it comes to landscapes, I’m challenged. My father got me a DSLR, which naturally went right into the hands of my brother and, as of now, I’m banned from even touching it. Then came my desire to own a Polaroid. Instant mini photos that ooze cuteness? Hell yes!

And so for my birthday, that wish was granted too! As you can see, I’m lucky in the gifting department. But where my luck fails is in maintaining these amazing gifts. A few months in and the Polaroid had to be buried. My precious, no my most precious gadget had left me all alone. After weeks of mourning, I decided it was enough and I had to move on. And, as if it was a sign from God, Michael Kors decided to launch a Polaroid camera in collaboration with Fuji film. The catch? It is a little expensive. Only a little.


Michael Kors Fuji Film Camera_Hauterfly

Michael Kors X Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Michael Kors X Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is a work of art. The beautiful black and gold body makes me go weak in my knees. What sets it apart from the usual Polaroids is that the Michael Kors signature on the back of the body. Everything else is pretty much the same — 60 mm lens, flash, and viewfinder. BTW, have I mentioned how gorgeous this gadget is? Priced at Rs 13,000, it’s actually not a splurge, but wait — the same cameras sans the signature cost around Rs 4,000, Now you know what’s so special about this one!

With the camera, the fashion brand has also launched suede bags in different colours in which you can keep this beauty. They are priced at Rs 35,000 (don’t ask me why!) and will be available for sale later this month. And without any guesses, I will be one of the first ones to buy it! That is, if my luck works here too!

SHOP NOW: Michael Kors X Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 (Rs 13,000)*
*Available in-store only after Oct 20, 2016.


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