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4 Tips To Save Your Laptop After A Spill!

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We’ve all been there: accidentally spilling water or coffee on your laptop and having your heart skip a beat for a moment. After all, no ones wants their expensive gadgets getting ruined. The horror of waiting for your trusty old machine to boot up after a spill can be really long and painful.

But what’s life without a couple of spills? Besides, there are several ways in which you can fix up your machine after you’ve spilled something on it. These tips don’t even require you to be a tech genius. While there’s no foolproof way to make sure that your laptop emerges victorious after a battle with liquid evil, you can try out these tips and hope for the best!

Follow this step-by-step procedure the next time you spill something on your laptop.

1. Shut Down

As soon as you spill a liquid on your laptop, don’t run around looking for napkins. Hold onto that power button for about 10 seconds and turn off your machine. Doing this immediately is very important.

2. Unplug

Once you’ve shut it down, make sure to unplug all cords. From your charger to your ear-phones, make sure that all wires have been detached.

3. Allow It To Dry

Now, open up your laptop just a little bit and tilt it to the side. Allow all the water/liquid to trickle out. If there’s still some liquid left behind, you can go ahead and wipe it off with a napkin. If the liquid has seeped into the gaps between the keys, use cotton swabs to dab that.

4. Leave It Off For A Day (Minimum)

Yes, we know you want to start using your laptops ASAP, but have some patience. Depending on how much liquid you’ve spilled, your laptop is going to need anywhere between 2 to 5 days to dry out. But if you really need to use it, it’s best to leave it off for a day before you start using it again.

Pro Tip: It’s best to always keep the data on your laptop backed up. Don’t wait for a crisis to do this and risk losing all your precious information.


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