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Instagram Is Now Facebook’s Doppelganger

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Are you even surprised anymore when you hear that Instagram has another new update? I mean, it’s pretty much become a monthly occurrence. After a series of features including stories, it has now released updates that cater more to personal relationships. And guess what, they are just like the ones Facebook already has. Drum roll? Nope.


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The first update that will garner more attention than the rest is the fact that now you can ‘like’ comments. Instagram gives you the option to double tap on any comment that you like, which has been introduced to increase positive interactions. Select the option of ‘view comments’ and, for the comments you *heart*, click on the grey heart next to it. Unfortunately, there will be no flying hearts here. Another similar update is the ability to turn off comments altogether. This is for those lovely posts that are often ruined by a barrage of negative comments. To activate this feature, upload your post, edit, and post. Then go to external platforms, where you will now find something that says ‘Advanced Sharing’, under which there is an option to ‘Turn Off Comments’. Click on it and you’re done.

Second, you can now remove followers without them knowing that you have done it. This only works if you have a private account. Go to your follower’s list and click on the three dots next to their name. There you will have the option to remove them. Helpful after a break up? Hell yes!

The third is a safety feature, similar to the Facebook suicide tool one. If you think any of your friend is facing troubles and might need support, you can anonymously report it to the Instagram team. They will be available 24 x 7 to help. As the CEO said, “This is just the beginning and we are not doubting it for one bit.” But our only question now is, do we really need two apps on our phone now?


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