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5 Simple Hacks To Make Your Instagram Stories Fab!

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After Instagram launched its Instagram Stories feature in August, there was a lot of debate around it and nobody knew if the move would work. But it did and how! People all over the world are uploading stories by the minute and are absolutely loving it, including us. Yes, we are spending more time on the app now and don’t feel guilty admitting it. Now, we all know the basics about this feature, like how to draw on an image, or how to change the filter, but there are a few other tricks that you can definitely use to spice things up. And no, I am not talking about Boomerang.

1. Work the backtrack

To view an image again in a story, just tap on the left and it will take you back to the previous image. Tapping on the right will take you to the next one, as you already know. This is one trick that differentiates Instagram Stories from Snapchat. (We still love you, Snapchat.)

2. Highlight for another colour

Don’t let your sassy sentences just have one colour. Highlight a word in your text and just change its colour, making it look better instantly.

3. Add the Geo-tag

You will have to do a little hard work but come on, anything for the upload, right? Click your image in Snapchat, add the Geo-Tag and save it. Take that image and upload it on Stories. Now, your followers will know where you are in a cool way. And that’s how you make the best of both worlds, folks!

4. Pause the story

If you want to take a better look at the image or video, just press the screen and it will pause. To resume, lift your finger. Simple? Thought so.

5. Make Pictures brighter

If you are taking pictures while you go night camping or in a low-lit area, then turn on the moon icon before you take the image and you will be sorted. Your picture will instantly get brighter and you will be able to show the world all of your dark stories. (See what I did there?)


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